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Almighty Voice


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  1. Almighty Voice (or Kitchi-manito-waya, meaning “Voice of the Great Spirit”) was a Cree warrior, born around on the One Arrow Reserve in Saskatchewan. Arrested for shooting a cow, Almighty Voice escaped jail in fear of being hung. Pursued by the RCMP, Almighty Voice killed a Mountie and spent the next two years on the run.
  2. Oct 18,  · The first half is a series of short poetic scenes staging the courtship and marriage of Almighty Voice (James Dallas Smith) and White Girl (Michaela Washburn) and their flight after he .
  3. Apr 02,  · Garza is a strong, warm presence as Almighty Voice. Gee has the harder role, however, having to wear layers of characters. Though oddly stilted .
  4. Feb 09,  · Almighty Voice, also known as “Kisse-Manitou-Wayo” or “Shu-Kwe-weetam” by the locals, was arrested by the North West Police in for the killing of a stray cow. It was said that the meat as destined for Almighty Voice’s wedding tellahicividesaxkamigdevilge.xyzinfo: Bruce Ricketts.
  5. Oct 15,  · The actor who plays Almighty Voice in this production, James Dallas Smith, admits that he didn’t know about the play until two years ago, when Native Earth’s current artistic director Keith Barker.
  6. Almighty Voice was born in near Duck Lake, Saskatchewan. He grew up on the One Arrow Reserve, where he heard stories of his grandfather One Arrow, who had resisted taking up his reserve until On October 22, , Almighty Voice was arrested by the North-West Mounted Police (NWMP) after being accused of slaughtering a government cow.
  7. Jul 26,  · Almighty Voice was a twenty-one year old Aboriginal man of noble linage and was said to possess many admirable qualities. On the eve of his wedding he slaughtered a cow for the imminent wedding feast, as was customary. The issue being that the cow in question did not belong to Almighty Voice, but to the government.
  8. Almighty Voice warned that he would shoot. When the sergeant continued to close in, Almighty Voice levelled his double-barrelled muzzle-loader and shot Colebrook through the heart. The man-hunt was immediately intensified but Almighty Voice thwarted the best efforts of the NWMP and remained at large for the next 19 months.

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