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Do It All Again


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  1. Meanwhile, in terms of musically choosing 'I'd Do It All Again' as her first single in three years, she told noted UK soul writer Pete Lewis of Blues & Soul: "I felt it was a good way to re-introduce myself to people. Because it just starts with me playing my guitar and singing, but then all Format: Digital download.
  2. (Doin' it all again) I Submit Corrections "You're Doing It All Again" was released as the lead single from "To Africa With Love" live album on the 1st of November The album was recorded live at Every Nation Church N1 City in Captetown, South Africa, and released on the 15th of March
  3. Take yourself out to dinner and a movie. You deserve it. Now, go back to the beginning and start all over again. Creativity is like anything else in life, the more you do it, the better you get at it.
  4. Jan 19,  · “Do It All Again” is an original song by Joshua Bassett. He released a video on Instagram on January 19, of him singing this song. The .
  5. But they said they would do it all again if the same threatening “mob” came too close. “I believe in my heart of hearts that the only thing that kept those mobsters, that crowd, away from us.
  6. Jul 21,  · Lyrics for Do It All Again by Spencer Crandall. Falling in love with you is easy Like floating on a summer Breeze Life is good we were wil.
  7. Oh, I'd do it all again The same thing happens With the same sad end Oh, I'd do it all again I'd do it all again Oh, oh Time takes it's toll for the broken heart But not so smart I suppose I will always love you Looking back to what I was before you came I'm not the same, no What you gave was what it took to pull through [Repeat CHORUS] [Repeat.
  8. Apr 24,  · Now do it all again. I thought I was alright. I was actually quite bullish about it all. I looked around me and felt and knew how lucky we were that home, for us, is a safe place. That our family, although individually capable of being utter bastards at times, is fine.
  9. Sep 16,  · Do It All Again Lyrics: ‘85, something wrong / Mommy crying, daddy gone / Was it me, nose bleeds / Empty fridge, no groceries / Teardrops running down my face / It’s just one of those days.

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