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Throwing Bricks - Demo (Cassette)


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  1. huge selection of rare hardcore cassette tapes from bands like sick of it all bad brains youth of today cro mags madball earth crisis hatebreed minor threat COVID UPDATE: We highly suggest choosing First class or Priority shipping as Media mail is having major delays.
  2. Tartarus Records. Groningen, Netherlands. Attention: Most of our sold out titles are still available in our shop. We've moved our shop to tellahicividesaxkamigdevilge.xyzinfo
  3. The XLII cassettes aside from metal bias is the highest possible fidelity. I'm doing all the editing in the DAW and then running final file through a cassette. For the demo they don't want the amps gated so I feel like running it through a nice cassette could give them something they'd like.
  4. throw a brick To commit a petty crime in order to easily return to jail. This practice is commonly done in order to take advantage of the benefits of free housing, meals, etc. provided while being incarcerated. Yo, b, I had to throw a brick so I could take another year to get my shit together in the clink.
  5. What's up guys? This is Bryce Savory of the rocket summer, and this is the Breon fun club. It's not a fan club. It's a fun club. this is the exclusive place for unreleased songs live stream concerts. monthly Q and A hangs with me and an awesome community of other fans, things like handwritten lyric sheets and just deeper glimpses into my world here in the studio and elsewhere. so come join us.
  6. • Brick • Plastic • Paper • Cardboard • Concrete. Unfortunately, a lot of these reusable materials end up in landfills, particularly wood. By reducing this waste it can save us money, conserve energy and resources, and reduce air, soil, and water pollution.
  7. Throwing Bricks 5-piece metal band from Utrecht, The Netherlands. Sludge, hardcore, black metal & screamo. Our new album 'What Will Be Lost' is out now on Tartarus Records! What Will Be Lost, released 1. What Will Be Lost/Won't Happen Again 2. The Day He Died 3. Constant Failure 4. Ceremony 5. Patterns Rise 6.

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