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  1. Guaranteed to assist in a good time.A favorite among cigarillo enthusiasts, Good Times remain one of the top-selling, flavored cigarillos on the market. All available in "x27 frames, these small machine-made cigars offer a variety of different flavors ranging from grape and strawberry to wine. Each cigar comes individually sealed in foil to ensure freshness. Why go to the local gas station 5/5(1).
  2. Small Cigars, Cigarillos Life can be busy. Sometimes, your window of opportunity to enjoy a great smoke is limited. In this case, we have assembled an eclectic mix of small cigars and cigarillos that fit within your hectic schedule.
  3. The originals, the tried and true, the Classics. Since , Swisher Sweets cigarillos have been delivering a satisfying smoke that will never go out of style. While the lineup has changed over the years, one thing remains the same; our commitment to sourcing the best tobacco to develop cigarillos .
  4. The Agio Mehari's Ecuador is a wonderful little cigarillo that is perfect for when you want to squeeze in a satisfying smoke in not a lot of time. These fifteen-minute treats feature some of the best construction found in any cigarillo on the market, and emit a ton of smoke AND carry just as much flavor/5(57).
  5. Introduced in , Swisher Sweets are one of the world's most popular cigar manufacturer. This company is known to manufacture some of the world's smoothest, evenly burning cigars. With a great reputation, Swisher Sweets have taken the lead in the cigar market. Whether your interest lies in cigars, cigarillos, mini ci.
  6. Swisher Sweets Cigars have great taste, quality and aroma, these cigars are available in a wide variety styles like Cigarillos, Little Cigars, Blunts, Wood Tips, Coronella and many more.
  7. Quickview Backwoods 3-Fer Maduro Cigarillo Sweet (Cigarillos) ("x32) PACK () $ 40 Only $ 95 save $ 45 In Stock Add To Cart Compare Quickview Garcia y Vega Game Leaf Cigarillo Natural Wild Berry (Cigarillos) ("x27) BOX (30) 5 out of /5(50).
  8. Cigarillos Whether you know ‘em as mini, petit, short panatela, demi-tasse, or plain old cigarillos—they all serve the same function—to provide a premium smoking experience when you may not have time for .
  9. Swisher Sweets Cigars are a consistently popular, American cigar. Swisher Sweets are a mild, sweet smoke that have a pleasant aroma. These machine-rolled cigars have been on the market since Swisher Sweets are an affordable option for budget-conscious cigar aficionados.

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